Hydraulic Shearing Machine Manufacturers in India

Hydraulic Shearing Machine is one of the most common machines utilized in sheet metal fabrication workshop. Ravi Steel is a qualified Hydraulic Shearing Machine Manufacturers in India. Hydraulic Shear Machine is extensively used for cutting large sheets, bars, and metallic plate and non-metallic materials into numerous shapes. Our Hydraulic Shearing Machine is manufactured for sleek and precise cutting. We provide a compact, safe and durable sheet cutting shear. The chief features include higher stability, low noise, and better output.

This Hydraulic Shearing Machine matches high-quality management norms. Our Hydraulic Shearing Machine is made to scale back material wastage. They are designed for vibration-free functioning. We offer several models with various specifications. Hydraulic Shearing machines are utilized in
automobile, printing, food processing, engineering, electronic, plastic, electrical, construction and various alternative industrial segments.

The Hydraulic Shearing Machines are designed from ultrasonically tested IS 2062 grade steel structures. Robust construction gives a lot of rigidity and strength to machines. Hydraulic Shearing Machines are capable of performing the accurate and precise cutting desires. The specially designed compact manifolds offer smooth and silent operation.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine is a cutting mechanism that is enclosed inside a large stand-alone unit that can be as much as 10 feet tall and 16 feet long. Hydraulic Shears are suggested for high- intensity metal Manufacture as a result of they are quick, quiet, and capable of operating continuously. These Shears can serve a range of sizes of metal plate, depending upon the
Manufacturer and Model. In Hydraulic Shearing Machine the Shear action is controlled by Hydraulic rams. Sheet metal covers are furnished to protect the Hydraulic system. Hydraulic Shearing Machine can be used for cutting spatĀ out ends, cold bars, and scraps etc. Hydraulic Shearing Machines are basically used for shearing applications and sheet cutting applications.

We are occupied in manufacturing superior quality of Hydraulic Shearing Machine in numerous shapes and sizes. Hydraulic Shearing Machine is made-up from high-grade components that assure high strength and toughness to the structure. Moreover, we offer Hydraulic Shearing Machine at the most affordable value within the industry.

We are offering Hydraulic Shearing Machine with standard accessories like a movable foot switch, front gauge main electrical control panel, variable rank angle adjustment with an electric switch, operation and maintenance manual book etc. Clients can avail Hydraulic Shearing Machine from us in the required specifications within the stipulated time.


  • Variable rake angle design machines.
  • Better cutting accuracy in thin sheets at a lower rake angle.
  • Higher cutting capability at a maximum rake angle.
  • Automatic rake angle adjustment.
  • Low noise and smooth operation give the higher efficiency of the operator.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Better safety for operator and machine.
  • Hardened Transfer bars mounted on the table.
  • Hold down cylinders.
  • Furnished with a highly functional motor.
  • Function with minimal noise.
  • Safeguard quality and reliability.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Strong and rigid frame structure.
  • High performance.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Long life.
  • Robust Construction.
  • Superior Tensile Strength.
  • Front support with roller according to the required length.
  • Design with throat depth.